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For the manifestation of good business practices of ‘Adherents’, a mechanism termed ‘Certified Shop’ was established in 2001. Any ‘Adherent’ without complaint record, and which abide by the laws and ‘Code of Practice’ (if applicable) in the past year with a passing grade in the Council’s annual assessment will be awarded the ‘Certified Shop’ emblem for the next year. To further promote ‘Certified Shops’, the ‘Certified Shops’ app developed by Macao SAR Government Consumer Council includes the following functions:

‘Scan your code’
Users may scan the QR code available at any shop bearing the emblem of ‘Certified Shop’ in Macao. Information of that ‘Certified Shop’ will be available after scanning is complete.

‘Nearby’ Certified Shop’’
Users may look up ‘Certified Shops’ and search for the most popular ‘Certified Shop’ nearby his location, search area and shop category can both be refined for searching information of a specific ‘Certified Shop’.

‘Category search’
Users may choose their interested category and a list of ‘Certified Shops’ under that category will be listed with the relevant information and scores.

‘My favourite’
‘Certified Shop’ can be added to ‘My favourite’ for easy navigation.

Moreover, the latest information of ‘Certified Shops’ will be sent through PUSH NOTIFICATION.


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Android APK

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