To safeguard consumer rights, the Consumer Mediation and Arbitration Centre* was established in 1998, together with the “Adherent” scheme. “Adherents” promise to resolve disputes arising from consumer contracts concluded within the territory of Macao SAR involving an amount not exceeding the statutory value of appeal interest of the Court of First Instance through arbitration at the Macao Consumer Mediation and Arbitration Centre. Businesses joining the “Adherent” scheme are obliged to resolve consumer disputes and this obligation gives confidence to consumers.

Certified Shops

In order to promote honest business practices of “Adherents”, the “Certified Shop Accreditation Project” was launched in 2001, and “Online Certified Shop” was established in 2017. Shops that meet the required standards and pass the evaluation of the mechanism are entitled to the “Certified Shop” emblem.

* Consumer Arbitration Centre was renamed as Consumer Mediation and Arbitration Centre on 15 December 2020.